Golden Coast Resort & Spa - Phan Thiet Resort

Cham Towers

About a twenty five minute drive from the Golden Coast Resort & Spa is a hill which overlooks the city of Phan Thiet. This is where you will find some Cham towers, a pagoda, a famous poet’s tomb (Nguyen Thong), the ruins of a large French estate and a monument dedicated to Vietnam´s struggle against colonial powers. This area offers excellent views of Phan Thiet City and the coastline north to Mui Ne.

Situated on this site and built in the 8th Century is the Po Sah Inu group of Cham Towers, dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Shiva, who is highly venerated by the Cham. There are three towers left standing and inside the main tower is an altar, on which the Ling-Yoni symbol is situated. The other towers are dedicated to Agni the God of Fire and Sacrifices and Nandin the Buffalo Deity. The towers are made of red brick and are in quite a good condition considering there considerable age. These Cham Towers are not the most significant in the area but it is wonderful to see the influence of Hinduism in the area and similar towers can be found all across South-East Asia back to India.

Price: $ US 30 /person – Minimum for 2 persons (We will provide cooling towels, mineral water, transportation and a local guide for this excursion).

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