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Khe Ga LightHouse

The 30 minute drive from the Golden Coast Resort & Spa, to the small island of Khe Ga passes small hamlets and villages lining this quiet, winding road. The area becomes progressively drier as you head south and the land is a mixture of red and white sand. The main income of the population here is derived through fishing, salt collection and rice production. Tourism is becoming more important to the local population as investors are buying up land along the coast and developing resorts. However, for now, time seems to slow the further you go until you arrive at the small fishing village skirting Khe Ga island.

The main attraction at Khe Ga is the much photographed lighthouse built under the guidance of a French Engineer and completed in 1899. The lighthouse was initially built to guarantee the safety of commercial and naval ships. The lighthouse is situated approximately 500 metres from the mainland and can be reached, at low tide, by foot. At high tide local boats can be hired to make the small journey.

The lighthouse tower is built in a shape of an octagon and is made of granite. It stands at a height of 65 metres. It is the only remnant of European influence in the region. To reach the two 2000w lamps there is a spiral staircase of 184 steps. There is a balcony at the top of the lighthouse where you can get a superb 360 degree panorama of the area. This is a wonderful spot to take photographs of the many blue fishing boast at anchor along the shoreline.

The village itself is very small and time seems to standstill. The people are friendly and there are a couple of small restaurants where one can enjoy freshly caught fish, local coffee and of course, the beautiful view.

Price: $ US 30 /person – Minimum for 2 persons (We will provide cooling towels, mineral water, transportation and a local guide for this excursion

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