Golden Coast Resort & Spa - Phan Thiet Resort

Mui Ne Sand Dune

About a 45 minute drive from the Golden Coast Resort & Spa is an area containing one of the main attraction around Phan Thiet; the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne. If you are expecting anything on a par with the sand dunes of the Middle East or North Africa you will be disappointed, however, a few hours at the dunes can be an enjoyable experience.

There is a good view of Mui Ne and the coastline from the top of the dunes but the most enjoyable experience is sliding down them. Transport yourself back into childhood and spent a few hours playing on the dunes with the plastic boards supplied by the gangs of small children renting them out. Prices range from the very cheap to the ridiculously expensive, usually depending upon the child´s age and experience dealing with the many tourists who come to the dunes. If you are not interested in this enjoyable experience you can wander around the dunes or find yourself a quieter area, absorb the atmosphere and relax.

You can visit the sand dune at any time of the day but the best times to visit are at sunrise and sunset when you can fully appreciate the colours of the dunes in their full pink/red splendor. Hot meals, snacks, refreshments and souvenirs are all on offer in the many shops, cafes and restaurants that line the road.

Price: $ US 30 /person – Minimum for 2 persons (We will provide cooling towels, mineral water, transportation and a local guide for this excursion).

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