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Taku Mountain

The drive to Taku Mountain, takes about one hour from the Golden Coast Resort & Spa. The drive along the coastal road is very enjoyable as the land becomes increasingly drier and the area more rural. Apart from the beautiful views of the sea, you pass by Khe Ga, the much photographed lighthouse, numerous small hamlets and villages and you get a chance to see the local population, who are mostly unaffected by tourism. The road passes by an increasing number of paddy fields and you will also see quite a few people involved with the harvesting of salt from the sea.

The first glimpse Taku Mountain from a distance as it rises up from the flat surrounding landscape. The mountain itself is not a grand mountain; it is the contrast that makes it so appealing.
There are two ways to get to the top of the mountain, you can walk the many stone steps or you can take the cable car. From the entrance you will be taken in a small tram to the cable car, where the wait in the queue is usually a short one.

As the cable car ascends, the air becomes cooler and you can begin to hear the rustle of the trees with the wind and the singing of the birds. The cable car ride takes about ten minutes to reach the crest and then descends for another few minutes until you disembark for the 300 metre walk up to the Reclining Buddha.

This walk up the winding path is nothing compared to the full walk up the mountain, but it can be quite strenuous due to the heat. There are quite a number of steps but if you take your time it is an enjoyable walk as you pass a number of smaller statues and pagodas.

The Reclining Sakyamuni Buddha is situated at an altitude of 649 metres above sea level, and it first comes into view through the trees as a white wall. As you get closer the features become visible. The Buddha is about 11 metres high and 49 metres long and is surrounded by trees, protecting it from the elements. The Buddha is well preserved and instills a wonderful calmness as you sit in its presence and gaze upon it.

On returning to the cable car, there is a café where you can take refreshments or you can wait until you get back down to the base of the mountain where there are a number of restaurants and quite a few souvenir shops!

Price: $ US 40 /person – Minimum for 2 persons (We will provide cooling towels, mineral water, transportation and a local guide for this excursion).

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